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We introduce our Providers to interesting, well-paying locums jobs the meet their/your criteria, not ours!
  1. Do you have a desire to have your paycheck be correct every week?  

  2. Would you like your expenses reimbursed every week, on time, and accurately?

  3. Would you like to work for a Locums Company that appreciates you for your unique talents and abilities as a Provider of Patient Care?

  4. Would you like to get to get paid what you're worth and have it be commensurate with the value you bring to patients each and every day?

  5. Would you like to be called back or texted back the same day you reach out to your company representative?

If you answered yes to at least (3) of the above questions, then you may want to consider reaching out to Healthcare Starz . You see, we're better and different than the others and when you speak with us, you'll know that within the first (2) minutes of the conversation.  So try us out, we would love to meet you and learn if we're a good match to partner together on some Locum Tenens Assignments, now or in the future.

In case you have not heard of Healthcare Starz, we are a rising star in the Locum Tenens Industry. We have structured our company to grow in a controlled manner that allows us to maintain strong personal relationships with all of our Locum Tenens Consultants so that we are always putting their interests first, above our own.  We are not interested in earning a commission nor just placing you.  Our mission is to find you the right locums job that meets both your personal and professional needs, not ours.  By putting our providers’ interests first, we are able to build deep long-lasting relationships that help them and their families improve their lives and progress in their careers.


We do not look at ourselves as recruiters but rather career consultants that serve as a conduit for our providers to find not just the best Locums jobs, but the best jobs for each one of them personally and professionally.  Of course we provide Great Pay, Concierge Service, Honesty and Integrity just like all the other companies say they do in our industry. 


The difference in working with Healthcare Starz is that we demonstrate those values to our Employees and Providers each and every moment that they interact with us.  From the moment you talk with one of our Provider Care Consultants, you will immediately feel our caring nature come through on the phone and know that you will have a different and positive experience working with us than you’ve had with any other company in our industry. This is our promise to you and we stand by it each and every day.


We invite you to become part of the Healthcare Starz Locums Team and experience a different and better experience than you’ve ever had.

VIP Concierge Service

When you work with us, you get a Provider Care Consultant "PCC" to help you navigate all of the pre-start paperwork and credentialing process to get you started on your Locums Assignment quickly.  When you call or text your PCC, you can count on getting a return call or text in (1) hour or less, guaranteed!

The Benefits of Working with Healthcare Starz are Numerous.

The reason why so many Providers choose to work with us is because we are very flexible and exhibit a relentless dedication to making sure you have a great experience.  We give you the choice to work W2 or 1099 as long as you have a legitimate corporation set up and meet the IRS definition of an independent contractor.  

Your Pay and  Our Expense Reimbursement Process

We pay all of our Providers weekly with direct deposit and we reimburse your allowed expenses in the week you submit them to usand the best part is, we include them all on your (1) weekly paycheck.  We also pay very well and unlike some companies that are publicly traded, we do not look for ways to cut your pay to increase profits.  We pay you whatever the market will bare based on your unique skill set, specialty, and the value you can deliver to our clients' patients.

We hire Providers like you from all across the country because our Locums Assignments can be anywhere in the USA, Including HI and AK. Give us a call and see for yourself how we're different and better than all the others.

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